Corporate Governance

The Royal Rehab Group is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee and is also registered as a charity under the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission.

The Board of Directors (the Board) holds the vital responsibility for overseeing the governance of the Royal Rehab Group. They work diligently to ensure the best interests of the entire Royal Rehab Group are upheld, operating with a strong commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsibility.


Royal Rehab Organisation Chart

Board Sub-Committees

Royal Rehab Sub Committees

These committees provide information to the Board for discussion, and action where appropriate.

Royal Rehab’s governance structure is designed to ensure we meet all governance obligations with a focus on client experience, risk and incident management, and the actions needed to continuously improve our performance and plans for our future.

The Royal Rehab Board and Group Executive Team set the strategic direction for the organisation and its services through a strategic planning process that involves consultation with staff, clients, and other stakeholders.

Our talented team all have a long history in healthcare and business management and all staff, including senior appointments, are employed according to their skills and experience.

Royal Rehab is committed to high standards of ethical conduct and places great importance on maintaining transparency in relation to all actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest.